Monday, June 20, 2011

I GOT NEW PLATES AND A NEW PLACE... actually the place is way more important than the plates...

but the plates are also very important....

Anyway! by the way! i moved out yesterday to my own place! yay! congrats to me. btw, it was not posted but was celebrated by a DQ ice cream cake... for 2. ha ha. sorry, not as impressive as a DQ cake for 1. but this isn't Valentines day... when i was 19... ha ha ha. ... ha?

Anyway! So I used to do tradeshows for work, we did the Vancouver Olympic stuff and i had access to all these Canadian Gift Shows, where they sell the most random stuff like... down filled luxury diapers for your child... but also super awesome stuff like homewares, like plates!!! I actually missed my flight from Edmonton back to Toronto cause i was lost in realm of awesome wholesale plate buying, for why i am not too sure, probably my own wedding registry... um starting to see a theme here...

Anyway! In order to place my first purchase, i had to make an order of $300.00..$350??... wholesale. and what i got.. was AWESOME, like fig dishes (who needs one?), gravy boat, egg holders (a set of 4?), plates, at some point i even bought 2 cake plates (that i returned.. ), quiche dishes, ramekins, small and big square dishes + bowls, coral fruit bowl, barware, etc etc etc, completely random and useless. but alas when i moved back to Vancouver during the Olympics I moved them back, and have been using my roommate's THREE plates since... plus there was never ANY ROOM for anything in that place (even plates, long story... long long story), sooo i never bought any, until now!!!!!

I am so excited!!!! Now i have actual places to serve and eat off of! Not those 6" plates .. all both of them she had.... 

anyway. this is not so much food related but food eating receptor. my fav is that soup bowl and saucer set! I cant wait to make soup!!!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

Hi! It's my birthday tomorrow, and i came into work with this lovely chocolate floral turd on my desk!!! sooo sweet! thanks princess... i forgot your alt name...banana hammock? Anything! thanks lara!!!! sooo sweet! and even came with a bow on top! It's so pretty! and definitely death by chocolate! i'm not sure you call this? I've had like half and i already have a chocolate coma... time to nap!!!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ethical Foie Gras, not an oxymoron?

This is a great video i saw posted on my friends facebook on youtube, its from 2008 but the message is timeless, especially in our society's treatment of nature and her creatures.  Chef Dan Barber (Best Chef: New York City and in 2009, Outstanding Chef. The James Beard Foundation also named him the top chef in America in 2009), talks about this dude Eduardo Sousa, who has found a way, through nature and natural processes to produce natural foie gras, (oppose to force feeding).

Personally, i think foie gras is ridiculously amazing, and i have seen those sad videos of force fed geese, and it makes me sad. but foie gras is also really ridiculously amazing, i think its really awesome this exists but also weary cause mass production and mass consumerism are kinda the way, but its great to have options to purchase, as a home consumer or diner.

um. in other news.
my dream is to go to Au Pied de Cochon, in Montreal, after seeing it on the food network, the crazy french dude with the show, The Wild Chef... you know? here's his foie gras menu....

foie gras
Cured Foie Gras Tart
Foie Gras 'Tout Nu'
Foie Gras Poutine
Apple Foie Gras
PDC Pizza
Cured Foie Gras & Boudin Tart
Foie Gras Hamburger
Foie Gras Duo

Friday, June 3, 2011

Ava Food - Persian Grocery Store and my 3rd kinda kebab on my kebab terror! (@ sheppard & willowdale ?)

Ava Food
193 Sheppard Avenue East

This place must be newer, cause i just googled it and nothing came up, and the google maps shows something else. But this is on my way home, and on my way home, i see this big giant posters of... KEBAB, which basically means i gotta go.

It's a persian market and i'm not familiar with persian markets and food except i like eating prepared stuff.

you can buy bulk raisins and nuts and crystalized rock candy, in bulk and packaged on a stick, which is supercool cause i only ever see them in science gift shops and overpriced candy shops, but you can buy a box for like 4-5 bucks.

whoa check out how huge these flat breads are!

very delicious looking sweets section

part of their deli section

part of their cooked foods section

and the reason why i was even there, the kebabs.  I got #9, which was the veal kebab and the ground beef, i guess koobideh everywhere else.  It's a dollar more expensive than Taftan (though give the biggest portions so far), and 2 more than Tah Deeg, @ yonge and finch. 

So this was my kebab, it was super delicious, and i also love take out containers in sturdy plastic, but kinda felt a lil gypped, as i think this is the smallest portioned one.  However, delicious as ever.

you get a choice of side salad or pop.

Here's a shot of the Sumac that i forgot to put @ Tah Deeg, remember, sumac is that lemony sour crunchy spicy thing.  Its actually really really good.  At Taftan, there's a bunch of sauces you can put on, and it's more like a lemony liquid, so i guess this is the powdered flavour version of it?  Who knows, but its really good.

Anyway, this is another kebab run! I am addicted for sure!

Save my life in 30 years....

Hi Everyone!

Well, with the way i eat, its only a matter of time that these donations will come in handy, so think of it as not me directly asking you to give me money, but to save my life in 30 years!

My work is doing a bike bike thing. (i still dont know how to ride a bike), on one of those giant bike things down there and we're trying to raise money for a good cause!
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