Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Kenzo Ramen

I know i've been totally MIA... but it's totally cause i started reading the Millennium Trilogy books (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Girl who played with fire, Girl who kicked the hornet's next), and they're like 700 pages each. hehe. Totally consumed my life, i even had dreams and... hallucinations... 

anyway, so, when me and my friends want our ramen fix, we usually head to Ajisen Ramen,, where there's quite an impressive menu, not just ramen for those (*wink*) who don't like their noodle soup dish, side dishes like.... deep fried chicken knuckles (yum), tofu with roe, beef wrapped enoki, and that's the regular side menu i order.... There's a few of these, in Vancouver and Toronto, I patron the one across from North York Centre. But one day, one of my friends suggested we try Kenzo Ramen located around yonge and steeles,  according to some website: this is their info:

Kenzo Ramen 
6180 Yonge St (south of steeles, west side of yonge)
Toronto, ON
Open everyday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Anyway, I've always passed it when i took the yonge bus home, it looked like a cozy (read: tiny) place, but thats where a lot of good food comes out of, the heart!  Anyway, we all agreed that the broth at Kenzo totally blew Ajisen out of the stock pot.

So I started with a Okonomiyaki , or savoury seafood pancake.
I love this stuff, hot on the pan..crispy on the outside and chewy pancake and seafood on the inside.i think for someone who's not used to it, the okonomiyaki sauce (the brown stuff), can be a lil over powering cause its very strong in its sweet, sour, savory flavor, but i can top mayo on anything.  And i love the benito flakes, which is like, dried fish shavings... i like how they dance to the heat. 

I got the King of Kings Ramen off the spicy ramen menu... ordered the mild and my face still burned half off. It was awesome.  there's 4 pieces of grilled pork (charsiu), and bits and pieces of seasoned ground pork all around... the meat was really good, it almost tasted like chopped up sausages, and made finishing this monster sized ramen quite a pleasure. There were tonnes of veggies, ala sprouts and carrots, and some other stuff, and from what you can see, half an egg, fish cake? seaweed, and whatever that brown stuff is, how am i suppose to know.  What i do know is that this was for serious the most delicious ramen I've had in a long while. 

 Here's a wall pic of the their Specials menu, I saw a lot of people (well.. not really a lot since that place seats like...i dunno 12-15 tables)... but yes, a lot of people ordering the gyozas, and the takoyaki.  

As for the price, the seafood pancake was around 10 something and my royal ramen was like 9, though you can pretty good deal ordering a basic ramen and pairing it with a gyoza, or tonkatsu.  It's been my second time around, and i would definitely go again, and would recommend it to noodle soup lovers all around.