Friday, August 5, 2011

Doughnut cheeseburger debuts at CNE

My coworker showed me this gem today:
This is the link to the article

Here are the highlights:
Epic Burgers and Waffles's $8 dollar donut burger: American cheddar cheese, tomato and lettuce.
For $2 dollares more - you can top it with a fried egg and bacon. 

the CALORIC intake, of just the donut+cheese+tomato+lettuce is 1500 calories! That's WITHOUT the bacon and egg.

I've seen a similar version of this on MAN VS FOOD, however they grilled the donuts with the icing facing inside, so the frosting melts into your burger, and you get a cleaner finish.

Last year at the CNE, i tried the deep fried mac and cheese (too dry!), and the deep fried butter (like a buttery timbit made of corn dog batter), and they were all ooookayyyy... 

This burger DOES look pretty epic...but i'll think i'll pass on this one... for that many calories, 


  1. We have one at the fair that's a krispy kreme jelly donut with chicken patty (deep fried) inside..pretty good!

  2. hahah i was gonna say, WHEN did you eat this? yeah this one is a krispy kreme one too, last year, they made a burger outta 2 texas toast grilled cheese sandwiches. if someone gets it i might try a bite, but... too much!!!! no?

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