Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Jessica Eats Ontario

I've been always meaning to start a food blog; i love food, i eat it, and like every other creepy asian, i love taking pictures of my food, i mean aboriginals drew cave paintings of buffalo, like, its intrinsic to document your food... or that's my theory of the day.  Unfortunately, unlike most bloggy azns, i dont have a 1500 DSLR camera.  My image capturer of choice is my crappy work blackberry, mainly because I can upload pictures without taking out my piece of crap lap top.  I really am a crappy azn with my bottom of the line electronics.

Anyway, just wanted to get things started, on this day that I have nothing to do at work...

Hope to have things posted soon!



  1. I'm so exicted for this blog Spanker!

    I wish I had your stomach of steel!

    can't wait to see what you shovel down the cake hole!

    Just Sayin....