Friday, December 31, 2010

Leftovers on a lazy Friday NYE

 Happy New Years Eve!

So i took today off again, there's nothing to do at work!

Last week we had a Christmas party at work, catered by pickle barrel, where there were deli platters and bread platters etc for a make your own sandwich deal... i took 2 platters home...(one was all romaine lettuce bits, so contain your judgement, thanks)

so I still have like 500 grams of random deli meats left, (i swear it just regenerates in its container... ive had deli meated ceasar salads, omlettes, sandwiches all week!), and 2 little bits of foccacia bread and decided to make a Monte Cristo type, with turkey, and pastrami, and hard goat cheese... smothered in maple syrup... mmm...

and for the rest of the deli meats i put it in this onion, mushroom, tomato omlette, again with hard goat cheese... im stuffed...