Thursday, December 30, 2010

Restaurant: Lemon Grass @ Richlane Mall in Richmond Hill, Ont

One of my resolutions since forever is to make my own lunch.... and it happens.. once in a while.  But anyway, so there's this awesome asian mall by my work, the Richlane Mall9425 Leslie Street 16th Avenue Richmond Hill, Ontario.  One of the restaurants Chris and I go to for lunch is Lemon Grass: Southeast asian cuisine. 

I generally get the rare beef pho ($5.95 small), and you know, being from Vancouver, we're snobby about everything, but this is really good pho!  The broth is super tasty, they serve it like, 30 seconds after you order it, the noodles are perfect texture, and the piece de resistance: the beef. beef was tender and rare, I generally have to ration my meat to noodles, so I have enough beef to last my whole noodle soup eating experience, but i totally didnt even have to ration! I even had enough to give Chris a few pieces, enough to put the fatty pieces aside to be healthy (i ended up eating them anyway, i'm disgusting like that)

Chris got the Grilled Lemon Grass Pork on Vermicelli with Spring Roll ($7.95)... i tried the spring roll, it's got the skin i like, with a nice chew and crisp on the outside, didn't try the pork, since i kinda felt bad cause he got shafted i think, he didnt get enough meat to fulfill his needs (tho last time he got the lemon grass chicken on rice, he had his fill and i took his leftovers... maybe they just put enough pork on there to cover the vermicelli... cheats!)

Oh yeah, we saw this guy eating a Roti Curry at the next table and snapped this picture, cause, im creepy like that... wanna try that roti next time.

P.S. i can still smell the nasty fish roe on the table. 


  1. WE'RE NOT SNOBBT ABOUT EVERYTHING!!!........ well maybe about our coffee. ;-)

    I wrote an intro about your blog on mine to get you some readers.

    Just Saying.