Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Last feast of 2010

Yummmm... looking back at these pics right now is totally getting me all hot and bothered.

So for New Years, my friend Jess booked reservations at this awesome French restaurant, Bodega on quaint lil 30 Baldwin Street in Toronto.  It's totally romantic vibe as it's set in this old ass house, or as the reviews put it in a way more eloquent manner:
Intimate and elegant...with the inimitable casual elegance and 

ambience that can evoke Paris 
in a plate of cassoulet.

Toronto's Fifty Best Restaurants

There was a Prixe Fixe new years menu that i kinda studied before arriving to the restaurant, i was gonna go with the lobster bisque, some sort of white fish that i've now forgotten, and phyllo wrapped lemon cheesecake... that all went out the window when i arrived and saw they had a limited a la carte menu available... FRENCH ONION SOUP!!!! my only weakess!!!! 

French Onion Soup Gratinée $9.00
So, since it was a nice classy place, i didnt want to embarrass everyone by whipping it out and taking pictures with it... im referring to my camera.... yeah, so i tried to take inconspicuous berry shots...

This shot was to show the crazy cheese strings i made with my yummy cheese, i could have taken a better pic, but i just kept eating it..... i swear there was at least $5.00 worth of cheese on that top. 

Pan-Seared Scallops And Prawn Ravioli with Saffron Cream Sauce And crispy Onions $13.00
mmmm saffron cream sauce??? pan seared scallops??? PRAWN ravioli??!!! yeah i realized i just retyped the whole menu item in different order, but seriously, who is not SOLD! by that, plus crispy fried onion!!! it was quite delectable for sure, again, if it wasnt such a classy place i would have licked the plate.

Roasted Butternut Squash Ravioli With Bleu D'Auvergne And A Green Peppercorn Cream Sauce $19.00
So time for the entree, you notice these are now actual camera pictures, cause my gf whipped out her camera, and i figured, if she can do it, so can i! I was kinda in a ravioli mood, plus, love butternut squash ravioli and i thought, ok i ate 2 appetizers... i should have a smaller entree. i am also a dumbass. but it was really good, the arugula was a good touch as it cut the fatty cream sauce, 

This was my neighbour's dish, it was part of the prixe fixe menu... it's a very sloppy picture because i wanted to put my camera down to eat.

Roasted Duck Breast And Crispy Duck Leg Confitwith A Sweet Potato And Bacon Hash, Winter Vegetables, And A Blueberry Vinaigrette $28.00
me and my date took a bite of his meal and totally jizzed in our pants, separately of course... i mean, just repeat the menu item in slowly... cause that's all i can really do to emphasize how awesome this is. the duck skin was totally crispy and mr. mcfatty duck is such a flavorful animal, but the juices kept in this breast, just exploded with every bite.  The Duck Leg confit, i just let it melt in my mouth, i mean it's slow cooked in fat, and then fried in fat. The blueberry vinaigrette added a sharp sweetness to it, and ok sweet potato bacon hash, amazing. will def be going back for this again.

Raspberry Sorbet 7
 This was my date's dessert, a delicious tart raspberry sorbet, or as i also see it, pink alien uni boob. 

Lemon Cheesecake Baked In Phyllo Pastry
So this was part of the prixe fix menu... it looks like a volcano ready to explode with deliciousness... in my mouth... that sounded wrong. but so right.

Classic Vanilla Crème Brulée 7 
And for my dessert, a nice creme brulee, i always seem to go towards a creme brulee, i love tapping that hard sugary carmalized top.... ok why does everything i say sound so dirty.

Anyway! this concludes my last meal of 2010!  It was an awesome awesome dinner! I just entered to try to win a free meal, cross fingers to hope i win!

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