Monday, January 10, 2011

Gems off the Coffee Truck

The Coffee Trucks stops by the office every day at around 10:30AM.  I remember when I first started, it was a novel thing to me, and kinda awesome. A magic vehicle of food, that comes to ME! Everyday! I was a frequent customer for sure and gained probably 5 pounds that week cause I flipped out and tried everything.  Not that I have stopped gaining weight from the "Gut Truck" as my compadres affectionately call it.  From disgusting Monte Cristo to a teaspon of chili on the chili dog, the chicken souvlaki served on a hot dog bun, chicken roti, beef roti! (you'd think having it once was enough), veal parmesan (dumbest move ever, since I don't even like veal to begin with, but the rubberized melted cheese seduced me, the whore!).  Ah, and not to mention the calorific and sodium mine of the Jamaican beef patty. My co-workers get these everyday, they're not even that good!.... But its cheap, and filling, and that's about it.
mmm spicy beef water

I've moved on to my staples. Their soups (from beef barley, to chicken noodle, turkey and rice, clam chowder, I've tried this all yes), mainly their Chili, which is more like spicy beef water.  I like spicy beef water, I actually think it's pretty good.  Today they were all out of chili, and my options were 1. Split Pea 2. Cream of Chicken 3. Navy Bean. And all sense yelled out to say, WALK THE F* AWAY SAVE YOURSELF, but I was hungry, and I was outside anyway... To walk back in empty handed was just lame.  So I went with option B. Cream of Chicken.

Was I surprised it was disgusting, no... That it was one giant jabba the hut slime discharge... Nope... Did I eat it and enjoy every bite... I sure did.  Does this make me disgusting. Probably. 


  1. This most definitely makes you disgusting.
    But that's why I love you. :)
    You're not the same as jessicaeatsny right?
    Cuz according to that blog, you currently reside in new york...