Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Dinner: Burger Bar and Wanda's Pie in the Sky @ Kensington Market

I bought these Groupons to Burger Bar on around College and Spadina, on Augusta in Kensington Market, Toronto, $9.00 for $20.00 and figured out it was a good day to use them today. So we headed down, for a much anticipated burger experience...

The website main page features a saloon door, so i figured it was gonna be western themed, it was kinda like a Disney Thunder Mountain themed restaurant after the Apocalypse... beer bottles everywhere, canvas door separater, news paper place mats, vintage western movies playing on the lcd, it's most likely i'm not hipster enough to get the ironic decor.

the sodas are like organic pop, costs almost $4.00 a pop, from the starters menu, we went with the $8.00 chilli fries... again, it's probably cause i'm not hipster enough to get it, but promised was chili with melted provolone cheese over fries...ok someone was mighty stingy on the cheese, and the chilli was more like fried beef and the beans were hard... a huge disappointment since i was envisioning chili fries in the pics below:

The Burger Bar Menu was the main reason i bought those group, "hand made & cooked to order" certified organic burger.
I was almost seduced by the: The OMGTMJKM Burger  (oh my goodness this might just kill me)
8oz pattie w/ chili, a fried egg, blue, brie, chevre, bacon and an onion ring on whole wheat, but went with the more sensible choice of the The 6 Cheese Burger with Cheddar, Smoked Provalone, Gruyere, Blue, Brie, and Chevre.  The 6oz is $11.00, of course i went for the 8oz at $13.00.. hehe.

I had the panko crusted onion rings on the side for $4.00... if I had known, i would have had the full size version for $5.00, and it would've come in the same bowl as the chili fries. Which I rather have a full size of the onion rings cause they were really crunchy and yummy.
As for the 6 Cheese burger... I thought it was pretty good, the bun was nice and chewy (coulda been warmed up but whatever), but i would definitely rethink my greedy choice in putting all 6 cheese on 1 burger, it was like they were all vying for my attention, and i didn't know which way to turn, the chevre and blue cheese forced itself on my tastebuds, and the brie definately slobbered all over my mouth, but i have no idea where the other guys where. 

Here's a nice side shot of the 8 oz... mmm thickness....

My man had his own 8 oz with cheese, bacon and carmalized onions, he complained his burger was dry since it kept crumbling on him... thought it was oohhhkay...

and then.... the bill.  $54.81! before the groupon... *shakes head*... oh i didn't mention, that the service was horrible, at one point, we were menuless and 3 girls were just standing around the bar, it took 2 of them to help get one customer his take out order... so don't you dare Cheers! me! but seriously 2 mediocre burgers with 2 pops, and chili fries totally does not warrant this price tag... I still have one more $20.00 groupon since it originally stated 1 per person, and later changed to 1 per table... 

So to sooth ourselves we headed down the street to Wanda's Pie in the Sky (i think i make better pies....) for some cappo's and pies... 

Apple Crumble (wish i had some ice cream)

Cherry Pie (nice and tart)

probably wasnt the smartest decision since i was already stuffed after burger bar, but you can't argue with a gluttonous piggy. oink.