Friday, May 20, 2011

Burrito Bar vs Burrito Banditos

This is my third time back at the Bar Burrito at my neighbourhood patio area @ yonge and sheppard,
If you know the area, you know what im saying, that block of second cup, mr. greek, quiznos, sushi one, bar burrito, etc etc and not in any particular order.
My neighbour and other father (not actual father), Jimmy recommended this place to be, back while you could get a combo for an extra 2 bucks, get a side of nachos. 
My first attempt was the Steak and Chicken was met with mediocre results (though others more recent experiences feel it was decent), and my fish burrito was not worthy at all. (I THINK it was cod?).
This time I went to a very basic ground beef burrito.  And it was good! There were lots of freshness in it.  And I love the fresh sauce station they have, where you can fill up your own salsa, spicy stuff, pico de gallo.
I also ordered a beef nacho, because I want to be fat, and it was aalllllrright. Meh. Cheese, ground beef, tomatoes, onions, stuff, not the most exciting platter.

Because. My heart is at Burrito Banditos. And I'm not choosing many to compare with, but the Halibut Burrito is the most amazing burrito I have ever EVER had in my entire life. 
In clubbing disctrict of dt toronto, this place has been winning awards for being a best late night eatery. Screw late night I wanna have this all the time.

I want to share my story, as you can see from the pictures, there's snow on the ground so it was taken a while back. SOOO I had a tradeshow at the CNE grounds and after it was over, I didn’t know how to get out of there, cause I took a taxi in so I walked until I couldn’t walk anymore, and jumped into any street car I thought was going to bring me to civilization… And when I realized I had a chance go have burrito! I got off and started my pilgrimage.  SMARTIE ME, googled Burrito Banditos on my phone and called ahead to order my Halibut Burrito ($8.85 on the website, is it only $8.85? Why do I only order one?) , cause they take their time in finishing the masterpiece. And that's what I love. They will stick that thing on the flat top grill and let everything melt and groove together. Love, takes time. So I finally get there, and my burrito was complete! A good 15 min walk. And I wanted a drink too so I got a ginger ale, there's no seating area really, a few bar stools, so I didn’t wanna stay in that 2 x 2 waiting area. (I don’t know what 2 x 2 means but im sure its small)… So I have my ginger ale in one hand. A MASSIVE burrito in the other hand… Then it hit me. Omg how am I going to eat this… In half snowed in toronto streets. I walked til I found a semi clean brill sill to sit my drink as I unwrapped my present, mmmm I can still image it hot flaky meaty filet of halibut surrounded in fresh goodness.  I love the slight heat they put in, oh according to their website, this is what goes in:  Mexican Rice, Jalapenos, Tomatoes, Guacamole, Green Pepper, Lettuce,  Refried Beans,  Green Onion and Cheese.  I have some friends in Vancouver, and when one of my friends here go back to visit, is requested to bring back burritos for all… That's how good it is.


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