Sunday, May 29, 2011

sassafraz - the heart of yorkville. pretty pretty pretty!

100 Cumberland Street

Toronto, ON M5R 1A6

(416) 964-2222

Today is my friend Jessica's birthday! (Happy Birthday!), and she picked this gorgeous place for brunch, in the heart of Yorkville, as the tagline goes.  I was going to say "lil" but it's not little at all, there's a patio, and then a front room with bar, separated by glass doors, you see this room, with the grand piano, and a waterfall behind (that i should've taken a picture of!), and an upstairs area, i think for private parties, that's probably even more gorgeouser. 
First time ever i was probably the first to arrive.... monumental... 
And you know what else was awesome, the service.  i had arrived first and got an earl grey and everyone else got a coffee type that came with a biscotti... and in my hungry state i was like, awww man!!!! i shoulda got a capo!!! and the waiter came back and gave me 2 biscotti's! give me free food??!!!! i love you forever!!!!

The brunch menu isn't extensive but looked great, 4 out of 6 of us got the Bellair Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with lobster, 5 year aged cheddar, grilled andouille sausage & potato chive  croquettes.

Scrambled eggs with lobster, 5 year aged cheddar, grilled andouille sausage & potato chive  croquettes - $18.00
I still can't look at eggs right now... it was sooo much! and it was soo good!  the eggs were super light and fluffy, and there were actual lobster bites in there, oppose to lobster flakes. I would always prefer lobster chunks, but i probably need to take a trip over to nova scotia to get that (and it would be worth it.. just to have lobster every day)... The andouille sausage was great, everyone loved it, i kinda wanted a bun and slap that on with some mustard. and the potato croquette was crispy crunch, i love deep fried texture... haha. 
Two poached eggs on smoked back bacon, fresh baked English muffin with hollandaise & potato galette - $16.00
The birthday girl got the eggs benny, i know i said that i always get the eggs benny every time i go for brunch... but i decided to switch it up. so i'm not a liar OK? just switching it up. crappy hollandaise will ruin the whole thing for me, and this hollandaise was really nice,  i suppose the eggs could be more beautifully poached, like those i got at Sarabeth's in nyc,  but whatever, i'm chewing it up anyway.   And then there's this potato galette thing that i've never had before, an it was really good.  Wiki just told me that Galette is some french term that applies to a flat cake. so i guess its a potato cake with a million layers... which reminds me, anyone remember those things called Vienetta Ice Cream Cakes, and its a million layers of thin chocolate with ice cream in between? I LOVE THOSE. where can i get some???

well. as much as i hate to admit it. i could not eat another bite.  Birthday Girl Jess got the bright idea to ask for ketchup, and even with the flavour switch i couldnt... i told the waiter i was sad cause i couldnt finish my food :( what a shameful moment in my life ....

We were waiting for the bill, and wondering why it took so long, when after a good 5-10 minutes, the waiter came back out with this! Isn't that so sweet??? Dark chocolates with ganache or whatever i'm just talking out of my ass, some ... soft thing inside. truffle? But it was great, and a bite of shortbread cookie.

So pretty. Everything was so pretty today, it was a really really good experience, great food, great service, great friends! Happy Birthday Jess!


  1. so on the ball! but you didn't get a picture of the waterfall!!

  2. who is talking to me!!!???? ugh i know i shoulda! sometimes i just get shy taking pictures!!!!! and why are you rhyming!!!

  3. do you know where i can get vienetta ice cream?