Thursday, May 26, 2011

Quickie Breakfast: Cafe Supreme (Various Locations)

So I'm one of those people who give themselves 5 minutes to get out of bed (do my bathroom business, maybe, maybe no time, brush my teeth, put on contacts, maybe... maybe no time and its glasses day, and get changed... maybe.. sometimes i wear what i go to sleep in to work... what???)... so i never... hardly... never, unless i pack it the night before, get a breakfast in.  I think i had a week when i ate cereal in the morning, but my trends always last for a week....

Anyway, so at my Sheppard subway station, there's a Cafe Supreme, and i've resisted it for a while, but one time i was like... man i'm gonna be late anyway (and i'm always late), and they have this giant sign in the front "BREAKFAST QUESADILLA", so i gave it a shot.. i just went to the website and they have 2 sections for breakfast, and i clicked "healthy"... this was not under healthy, i dont know why, since the ingredients list: Eggwhites, mozzarella, baby spinach, sauteed red peppers and mushrooms.

I could probably eat 3 of those things to get full. but one will suffice for a hungry jessica in the morning, i think it includes a coffee in the combo for around $5.00, which is a great start! It's no mcmuffin, but it also doesnt have the mcmuffin grease.  It's not the fastest to prepare so maybe i kinda lied in the quickie, so prepare for 5 minutes for it to be prepped.  And I also love their fresh baked croissants!