Thursday, May 26, 2011

Zet's Restaurant - its chicken soulvaki platter is out of this world

Dont believe me? Check out their website:, as their neon sign lights up the milky way.

Located by Toronto's Pearson Airport, this 24 hour diner style of awesomeness, is situated at 6445 Airport Road, (905) 678-1114, and always filled with airport personnel, and lovers of big portioned food (ME!), and i love telling my friends about it... consider YOU my FRIEND!!!! YAY!!!!! :)

It's cash only tho, so bring yo' bills, cause their ATM machine will charge you $1.90.... but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.  There's a whole bunch of stuff to choose from, and also a 24 breakfast selection.  Check our their full menu to get sense of what they can offer:

So this dude got this burger as i was waiting for my food... and i asked to take a picture of it cause it looked so yummy... heehee. I THINK its like a double steak burger or something? Cause those don't look like patties. 

Famous Chicken Soulvaki Dinner - $12.95
SO this my first time dining in, since i'm always in a rush  (seems to be a theme), to get to the airport, i get it to go... which is an AWESOME option since they have the sturdiest CANADA made take out containers! (bonus, one for chicken and rice, and one for salad).  They have the juiciest chicken, and giant giant pieces, as you can see, even though they're so far away from the plate.  The salad is smothered in feta, mm their potatoes are awesome and the rice is ... um rice. Their tzatziki is really thick and super garlicky.  So make sure if you're gonna eat this and get on a plane, buy some gum (Thom!).

Small Onion Rings - $3.50
Also, for unknown reasons, after getting that ginormous Chicken Soulvaki dinner that i usually have shared with my bff, i got the rings... cause i always love getting rings.

Halibut Fish and Chips $10.50
Can you believe this giant piece of Halibut Fish and Chips is only $10.50! Along with coleslaw side in the styrofoam cup... how picnic chic!  The halibut was super meaty and juicy.  I would have more to say if i was offered more.... *ahem*... however the fries were a bit MEH.  kinda blah. im sure you get the gist of it from my non-word sounds.  BUT! LOVE ZET'S!!! you gotta go!


  1. Thanks for the shout out.

    Your stomach must be exhausted.

  2. omg! tell me about it!!!! im exhausted from digesting if you know what i mean!!!!