Friday, July 29, 2011

Bone Sucking Delicious Jamaican OxTail Stew

I was GONNA stay home today, cause for the 2nd time, the A/C guys were gonna come fix the leak in the A/C. and for the 2nd time, that fell through.  So what a bitch, coming in to work for a few hours, (we have summer hours), and then going back home. I wasn't even going to go… But!!! Thank the food-gods that I did! Cause my awesome friend and coworker, Maria, left me a container of her home made jamaican oxtail stew on my desk.

Marvel at the glistening gelatinous supple meat.  If you're a fan of sucking meat off the bone (like I am, myself, thank you very much!), then you'll love oxtail!  Which I think is really just cow tail.
I've only had Oxtail soup, like the chinese kind, so this was a first for me!
Maria's end result was delicious!!!! I say was cause I ate it all up in 5 minutes. Its now just bones at my desk. 

Here's her recipe for Jamaican Oxtail Stew:

"Before preparing everything I washed the oxtail in lemon juice (you can do either lemon (bottled juice) or vinegar)

Everything was cut is small to medium pieces….

2 pounds of Oxtail 
6 cloves of garlic
2 large onions
1 red pepper
1 green pepper
1 spoon of pepper
1/2 spoon of salt
Soya (this is to make it dark, you do this but don't put too much salt)
1 scotch bennet pepper
1 sprig fresh thyme

In order for it to be tender I cooked it for 5 hours. The first 1.5 hour I cooked it in a pressure pot with 2 cups of water the rest of 3.5 hours I put on a crock pot in threw it in the oven and added 3 cups of water)

I pretty much follow this recipe, but I didn't follow everything.

Wow! Fall off the bone deliciousness! 

Thank you so much Maria!!!! xxx