Thursday, July 21, 2011

Happy Happy choco face icecream sandwich

So my cousin Lincoln took me on an all out eating feast at Rodney's Oyster Bar the first day I came back to Vancouver 2 weeks ago. After dinner we walked over the cambie bridge to check out Whole Foods, my first time experience. What can I say, except. $40.00 disposable bamboo cutlery? Yeah sorry, I don't enjoy the smell of my own farts that much (lies)... So this is not for me. However before leaving we stopped by the gelato area and this girl was making ice cream sandwiches outta ginger cookies... Hazelnut and chocolate filling.... Mmmm wonderfully intruiging in theory!!!! HOWever!!!! The cookie was waaayyy too hard and each bite smooshed my happy faced friend into flat oblivion... Very messy. The combo was too strong for me, I would have liked to try a fruit gelato maybe, pineapple? Or pear? And a softer or thinner cookie. It was a nice attempt. But. Fail. Thanks cuz for paying for everything!!!!