Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cake VS. Pie

so this isn't actually about the age old debate about who reigns superior, Cake OR Pie.
This is just a random comment, cause my co-worker brought it up today, we do apparel at work, and I work on some graphics sometimes, and he was asking me to put together a shirt for some sort of play off with brackets. I had no idea what he meant by "brackets", so explained it to me, like just a visual representation of what happens during play offs, A team plays B team, C team plays D team, and the winner plays each other. And im like OOOOHHHHH like Cake VS Pie! And I sent him this picture. 
He was just cracking up about it today, and I decided to share just what kind of food loser I am… The very best kind.


  1. and yes you're the best kind of loser. Miss you Spanker