Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Magnificent Dim Sum Feast @ Western Lake Chinese Seafood Restaurant in Vancouver

Western Lake Chinese Seafood Restaurant
4989 Victoria Drive
Vancouver, BC
(604) 321-6862

Last week, I came back home to Vancouver for a family visit, and my cousin Lincoln said he'd take me and my family out for dim sum and i immediately said... WEST LAKE!!!! With their massive HA GAWS (do you see them in the middle, like massive bosoms overflowing out of a too tight bamboo holder, salivating right now...) Everything is so oversized, yet with incredible quality.  You'll see with scale shots, like the HAGOW in the bowl, like too how HUGE it is!  soooo's a smaller place, and it's always packed, i mean, for the value and quality and bloated dim sum items, duh, winning.

So I want to point out, that there were 5 of us, me, my mom, dad, 93 year old grandpa, and my cousin Link who invited us all out in the first place, and we ordered 20 dishes. TWENTY DISHES.
-2 steam prawn dumplings (HAGOW)
-1 sui mai dumpings (SUI MAI)
-1 steam shanghai pork bun (SHAOLONG BAO)
-1 steam spareribs with black been sauce
-1 steam scallop with prawn
-1 steam prawn sui mai
-1 steam tofu roll
-1 meat rissoles chiu (??? HUH???)
-1 steam fish maws with shrimp
-2 steam rice flour roll with beef
-1 Pan fried chive dumpling
-1 deep fried prawn shrimp roll
-1 panfried eggplant with shrimp
-1 bbq pork baked pastrie
-pork skin radish soup
-1 chicken feet soup
-2 egg tarts

I'm just gonna post up the pics, you can play the match game with the items from above, have fun!

my dad likes the tower. 

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