Sunday, March 6, 2011

Last Meal in Vancouver - Ningtu on Kingsway


2130 Kingsway St.
VancouverBC V5N2T5

I went back home last week, and i know these posts are going to be out of order but i am sooo bad with updating, i just like to eat eat eat. So Grandpa wanted to take all of us out before i went back to Toronto, and i love Shang-hai food, especially the dim sum parts, so it was a no brainer, also, my brain was mush as i was kinda comatose after a 7 day eating spree, and just went with Ning Tu on Kingsway.

The last time I was in Vancouver, we went here for dinner and the staff recommended this, house soup? special soup? I really should be paying attention if i'm planning to document this, but im sure they'll tell you same.  It was super savoury and hearty.  If was snowing giant flakes outside, and something like this really just cradles you from the inside and comforts you.  It's a whole smorgasbord of I have no idea of stuff in there, like these lil pork dumplings wrapped in fried egg, and some sort of egg tofu? and greens, and glass noodles, and i have no idea, but its delicious.

Love Love Love Vancouver Dunguness crabbys, we picked out a 3 pounder for this deliciously oily crab and gluttonious noodle... wait. im a gluttoonious noodle... what do you call those starchy round things? Leen Goh? Leen Goh and Crab, its sooooo good and i know some people have a phobia of eating crab in public cause it's a messy feast, but i have no such phobia, i will rip that thing apart with my hands, that meat is so bountiful and sweet.  Plus the crab brains... mmmmmm...
A staple in my family, and one of my dad's favs (as you will notice, everything is my dad's favorite), beef rolls. What am i saying, i love them too, i think like beef briskey, with green onion and a hoisin sauce, wrapped with green onion pancake. The pancake was thin and perfectly crispy. super yummy.

 We generally stick to ordering the same things, so i was surprised when my dad was asking the waitress for her opinion and we came up with this shrimp, egg, and broccoli dish.  I've never had this before so i wouldnt even know where to start, but luckily my cousin was with us and he was familiar, so he mixed the whole thing with the egg.  It was so good and the shrimp was so perfectly cooked, had that shirmp "crunch" when you bite into it. 

Again something i have no idea what the proper name is, except, deep fried with sauce, I think ppl usually pour the sauce straight in to hear that satisfying SSSSZZZZZZZZZ of the rice, but we like to keep our rice dry and sog-free. Sauce consisted of ham, peas, bamboo shoots? and some other stuff.

One of my dad's fav's deep fried bread with sweet condensed milk
And according to my dad, everyone's favourite was this pork and cabbage dish, again i have no idea what i was, i just eat it, but we stuffed the deep fried bread with it, so good.

Pea tips. what else you want?

So all in all, it was a good satisfying meal.  I've been here a few times before, for lunch and other dinners, its a good decent and decently priced restaurant.  It's a bit homey in appearance, but really, you're not there to eat the chairs. Enjoy!


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