Sunday, March 6, 2011

Congee Noodle House with Mom and Dad

Congee Noodle House
141 E Broadway
VancouverBC V5T1W1
Tel: (604) 879-8221

I LOVE the congee at congee noodle house, i dont know what it is, its so smooth, but there`s bits of texture within the smoothness, ahhh its just sooo good.  I haven`t been able to find anything like it here in Toronto, if anyone knows what im talking about, please lead on to the right way, i am looking for some good congee!
We got a basic minced beef congee, and even that is the most amazing congee to me... i want congee noodle housssseeeeeeeee
I always mention my dad`s favs, but this is one of my favs, rice noodle with beef and veggie... um the wet version. My dad preferred the version we got from Mui Garden the day before, but meh, i love em all. 

Ok this is my dad`s fav, he loves Jongs. which is basically sticky rice with green beans, fatty pork and salty egg in the middle.  Why, he said cause it fills him up.... which would NEVER be a reason for me to like something... my dad is weird.
Oh, and another one of my dad`s favorites... haha. wontons, though he forgot to order the noodles, which really is his favorite,  he loves a good chewy wonton noodle.  Me, eh, not bad.  

The end, this is a pretty boring post. i blame the basic staples of chinese quick eats.