Sunday, March 6, 2011

Family Gathering @ Fortune House Seafood Restaurant in Metrotown

Fortune House Seafood Restaurant
4700 Kingsway, #2199A

BurnabyBC V3J1A1
Tel: (604) 438-8686
Fax: (604) 438-5138

Burnaby, BC, V5H 4M1

so, if you saw my previous post, i went back to vancouver last week, and the very next day i woke up to a giant dim sum feast, and some 5 hours later, we were driving to Fortune House for some post-Chinese New Year dinner with my family.  It seems that Fortune House gets a lot of flack from people, but it wasnt too bad, we picked our own selection, outside from the set menus, and it really wasnt that bad!  We even got to see a sample show of traditional Chinese Mask Changers, and the 25 year old master changed his face like 9 times. very cool. no pictures tho. only food.

So we started with soup, whenever i see these ceramic chinese soup things i, this is what i see in my head, now you see it too! 
Started with this egg dish, really interesting, its like a steamed egg with a whole bunch of other eggs in it, like thousand year old, and duck egg, with scallops and dried scallops on top. I was never a fan of thousand year old egg when i was a kid but i totally dig it now... i still dont like duck egg, but at this rate, i'll probably love it in another 20 years.
My dad loves this, some sort of fatty 5 layer pork with brocolli.  Apparently a great cut of pork where its like meat-fat layers times 5... hence... 5 layer pork... it makes sense now...

mmm honey garlic spare ribs, cant go wrong with that!
lemon chicken, lemon on the side
birds nest, with some really tender beef chunks
pea tips, a fav in my family
mmm this was great, some sort of breaded giant massive prawns in a sweet and sour sauce, as you can see the waiter is bringing it in, his hand is on the right, i just had to get the shot in.... i have no patience at all...

Steamed fish, i love steamed fish, so simple and so flavourful.  I dont think my parents were a fan of this, but what do i know, whens the last time i got to eat some...

and voila, we cleaned the plates.  Of course what kind of chinese meal is it without a bean dessert at the end. but no picture of that though, they`re everywhere, a dim a dozen, its like taking picture of rice or something. 

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