Sunday, March 6, 2011

Make shift meal: Salmon Potato Cakes

So last night, I was hungry and had barely nothing in the fridge...sure i had a bunch of frozen stuff, but i was really craving FRESH, and really not feeling like leaving the house (it was snowing?) so i pulled together what I had to make my makeshift Salmon Cakes.

ingredients i used:
-2 cans of canned salmon (i'll probably try with fresh and other types of fish)
-2 potates (whatever i had leftover from my salmon chowder)
-1 onion
-fresh thyme (leftover from my salmon chowder)
-6 quail eggs (i had NO EGGS, my roommate had quail eggs, haha i would probably use more quail eggs to bind it, maybe 8? 10? whats the equivalent in normal eggs?)
-Bread crumbs - i used panko bread crumbs i had bought when i wanted to fry japanese style shrimp... love these impulse buys that i do nothing with
-salt, pepper, montreal salmon steak seasoning, paprika
damn quail eggs equate to nothing!!!!

I scooped out lil ... im trying to figure out what kinda sports balls they were the size of... baseball? no... not softball... bacci ball? no.. Pool Ball. yeah, size of a pool ball.  cubbed the potatoes, boiled and mashed and threw everything in. breaded it with more panko
Fried it up on low-medium heat in some butter... yeah you can see it was kinda falling apart, maybe cause i only used 6 quail eggs, or maybe i shoulda let it sit, cause the leftover ones i had today were perfectly held together.  As you can see, the salmon  cans (super tasty and juicy) were courtesy of jenice from her awesome fish store in Burnaby, FISH.
With no tarter sauce, I tried to make my own with some lemon yogurt, relish packets i stole from the movie theatre, and dill in a tube.  The flavours were all there, plus its fresh and the least fattening tarter sauce ever!  I ran out of relish this morning, so i chopped up dill pickles and threw it in with the yogurt, worked just as well, more tart. 
Here's the mid nom nom noming dish... hehe. 

 And here is my attempt at a plating pic. haha. 

In conclusion.  A super quick and cheap eat at home, will in the future attempt to add other stuff in the cakes (like leeks! never used leeks before, but saw it on TV), as this is my FIRST TIME ever making a potato cake of any variety, i am indeed a fan as they are cheap, delicious, and i get to pretend im fancy.