Monday, March 21, 2011

Clam Chowder Fail


So... i'm kinda too afraid to post a picture of my catastrophe, cause i'm afraid you'll think this is what i usually do, which is fail horribly at making food... it really is only a once in a while occasion...

I'll get the nerve to take a picture tonight but in the meanwhile....

note to self. LABEL YOUR SPICES.

the funny thing is, i dont even have that many spices... since i dont really have any room for spice bottles, and too lazy to transport them over even if i did buy them, I just keep them in the plastic baggies i get them at bulk food places...

This incident took some time to brew.

1.  i was intended to making another salmon chowder, but laziness overcome me and i put that off for about 3 days where the salmon eventually went bad, and i had all the ingredients to make a delicious chowder.  So i went with a clam, since the shelf life of those baby clams lasted for another 3 years anyway, no way that was gonna go bad on me.

2. I was looking up recipes on clam chowder and saw one with mixing a bunch of spices in with the clams first, a whole bunch of spices found in italian seasoning, along with dill and majoram, i remember having just bought new italian spice so was gonna give that a try

3. Forgot that i ran out of italian (white tie), that i had always used and had bought new (green tie)

4. threw a bunch of green spices in the clams

5. threw the clams into the chowder

6. watched in horror as chowder turned grey green, and as balls of tea leaves beging to unravel into long wavy leaves of PEPPERMINT. I PUT FREAKING PEPPERMINT TEA LEAVES IN MY CHOWDER!!!!

you know if i was in tuned, i coulda made this a few days ago and been completely relevant with St. Patty's day, but since i am always late for everything.... SIGH SIGH SIGH.


OK... so i've taken the picture before i tossed out a whole lot of work down the toilet. this is not for the weak of stomach.... :(


And here, is my sad attempt to fix this mistake, as you can see, there was A LOT of chowder.... i tried to strain some of it and pour in chicken stock and new cream.. but alas it wouldnt take. damn that is some powerful peppermint tea.... it smelt good but god i couldnt look at it...