Tuesday, March 22, 2011

St. Lawrence Pizza & Ice Cream

Last week, or two weeks ago, who knows what and when i eat.. I went down to the St. Lawrence Market (more on that in a later post), and i always go hungry expecting myself to gorge my fat self, but alas, i am not 20 anymore and usually one meal stuffs me full.  So this time, i went to the St. Lawrence Pizza and Ice Cream, at the back, by the fishie place (I had a swordfish sandwich there, and it was amazing... first time swordfish, very meaty)... you'll always see a line up of people trying the free sample of pasta, or ravioli in their meat sauce, or some sort of spicy mix of everything (green, red, white... haha), with a fork, a sop of sauce, and on to the napkin and into your mouth, very no nonsense. 

I've bought their fresh ravioli when i want to treat myself, cause it's not cheap, and so this time i finally decided to sit down and munch of their fresh pastas at their bar.

This was my view... the only thing separating me from that hot sexy cheesy pizza was that dam glass or my face would be all in that.

This was my meat ravioli, got a mix of sauces of meat sauce and spicy, it was super yummy. I of couse had shared this large portion, cause it is quite a bit. 

Pizza looks good, will try it next time... if i want to waste my one meal on pizza...

Here below is the blurb from the St. Lawrence Market website on this place:http://www.stlawrencemarket.com/shopping/vendors/slpizza.html

St. Lawrence Pizza & Ice Cream specializes in fresh homemade pastas, pizzas, pesto and sauces. Aziz is often hard at work at his pasta-making machine in front of the shop, creating many shapes of fresh pasta. All his pastas are made on site using pure semolina flour with no additives or preservatives. His fresh homemade sauces and pestos are based on old family recipes. All his wonderful pastas, sauces and pestos are available in containers to take home to heat up for dinner or entertaining. Whole fresh pizzas can be ordered to your specifications. They also sell pizza dough and ingredients for those who like to make their own


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