Thursday, April 28, 2011

Calamari in white wine tomato sauce

I've been waiting for my stupid pork belly to turn into an amazing melt in your mouth experience (you'll probably read about it later!)... but since it takes forever to slow cook things (who woulda thunk!) i got hungry and decided to try out some of that frozen calamari my roommate got.

So this is my first time cooking it, and since i had an open bottle of white in the fridge, it was a no brainer! and it was SO YUMMY!!!! i chopped up some garlic, tomatos, and olives, fried it up in oil for a few minutes, salt and chilli flakes, deglazed with some white wine, cooked it down, added the squid and yum yum yum! it was super good! i was afraid i was going to overcook it, cause nothing is worse than eating rubber band calamari (ok there are worse things...).. but it was perfect! 

now if only my stupid pork belly would finish cooking......