Thursday, April 7, 2011

Oriental Cafe @ Richlane Mall in Richmond Hill

I went out for lunch with my coworker, Maria, well, a 3:30 pm lunch, and i suggested we try the awesome asian mall by our work that i love eating at, the most awesome Richlane Mall! I mean, its awesome in it that it's close to use, and really there are only what, 12-15 stores/restaurants in there, but proximity is king.  Today we tried a new place to me, Oriental Cafe... psst. i picked up a take out menu:

Oriental Cafe 905-884-8678
9425 Leslie St. Unit 3, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3N7

It's headliner special is the Chef's special chunked beef noodle in soup, and Shanghai stye minched fish noodle in fish broth.  Along, they offer great "afternoon tea" snacks (toast w/ condense milk types) and value dishes (Afternoon Tea usually comes with a dish, and a hot drink, like a Hong Kong milk tea, and extra $1.00 for cold drink. ALWAYS extra $1.00 for a cold drink... how much does ice cost anyway)
As well they offer shanghai dim sum (my fav), noodles in soup (my fav), fried noodles/lo mein (my fav), rice, curry, steamed veggies, baked rice/spaghetti, rice cake, fried noodles, and soup.

After an hour of debating what to get... Maria went for the Cantonese Style Chow Mein @ $7.99.  I agree that I am also used to the kind where there is more seafood (like scallop and squid), this included bbq pork, but i guess you can put whatever you want in there, im guessing Cantonese Style means, we'll just throw leftovers on top of fried noodles.

And I went for the pork cutlet in noodle soup.  It was great! the pork was tender and not overcooked, plus the noodles were the right bite, great flavour, the broth was not too salty, and i think it came to, along with my HK milk tea, $7.99 as well.