Monday, April 11, 2011

Super Shawarma Plate!

Happy Monday!!!!  So i've been meaning to go to the gym for the last... 5 years... and figured... nah, why dont i just walk to take out some Shawarma over at....

Shawarma Max
4969 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON
(416) 224-2423

This is a great go to place for me and friends alike, they're open late, they're fast, quick, and you get bountiful tasty chicken... check this out, they filled my Shawarma plate to the capacity where it broke the friggin box!

So i got the chicken shawarma plate, see! ta da! @ $7.99, its like 2 scoops of rice, with veggies (lettuce, tomato, cucumbers, something pink (turnip?) and tastes like olives, and some pickles that tastes like olives,  3 sauces you can choose from, tahini, hummus, and some sort of garlic mayo, and you can tahini and hot sauce it up too, and what's the green stuff? and then tonnes and tonnes of chicken fresh off the rotisserie

here's a shot. Awesome monday to spend, eating shawarma and watching.. um Dancing with the Stars.  Btw, sidenote, it was driving me CRAZY cause i couldn't figure out the song that Kim and Hines danced to for their pasa doble that i kept thinking was the X-Men theme song and spent a good half hour on youtube trying to figure out what it was.... to save anyone who cares the trouble...  It's "Explosive" by this classical chick group, Bond. drove me crazy...more crazy...


  1. ShawarmaMax is my go-to place too since I live so close (and all the other reasons you listed)

    Note the three "spreads" are actually garlic mayo, hummus and tzatziki and then you can (and should!) get tahini and hit sauce for the meat.

    For REALLY good Shawarma though, you have to make the trek out east to Shawarma Empire in Scarborough. Best in the GTA (I've tried them all!)

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