Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ichiban fish house @ Richlane Mall FULL MEAL!

Come with me as poseidon Brenden Frasier beckons us into Ichiban Fish House @ the most awesome Richlane mall, by Leslie and 16 in Richmond Hill, Ont. (9425 Leslie Street, Richmond Hill, ON (905) 737-7313 if you're precise)

Ichiban fish house wants you to know they do not import... from japan... 

     So Ichiban Fish House is an interesting lil place. you go in, and its pics among pics of sushi trays and fridge/display of fish/uni/octopus/etc, and you head into the dining area, which seats, maybe 24 ppl in the whole place.  There is one waitress (whenever i go, but its off peak hours?), and maybe 2 people in the kitchen? 3? im not sure. ANYWAY the interesting part is, that you get menu. which consists of, 1 menu. and then 2 photo albums of just pictures of food + cost + name.  Which is AWESOME.  One is like a roll menu, i think, and the other is everything else.

     Like check it out... i took a few pics, i wonder if could get a set of ones of these, cause it's awesome.  It's like, oh hey, a family photo album... if your family was delicious food that you want to EAT! They have everything, from basics, sashimi types, and fried stuff types, and bento box types, terriyaki types, etc etc. But they also have hot roll types!

     They start you off with a free salad and miso, and end you off with a free green tea ice cream.  Which i really should stop accepting cause it is proven, at least in this stomach, that raw fish and ice cream does not mix... but... free!

So me and Maria got the tempura.  Another interesting bit. Apple Tempura! i liked it! cause it's deep fried... but i can see how ppl would find it weird. good tempura, lightly battered, veggies are tender at every bite.

Maria got the Sushi Combo 1, which was like $9 bucks or something, but she chose the all salmon one, which consists of... what you see in the picture.

I got the spicy tuna, i think it was $4-5 bucks.  I realize that anything that is 'spicy' costs extra, and really they just dot some hot mayo on top, what i didn't know is that when we asked for some mayo on the side, they gave us a whole bowl of spicy mayo. tip from me. ask for spicy mayo on the side cause that's free!

I got the hand rolls cause they looked pretty it was around $9 bucks. They were filled to the bottom, which is always a good sign, and the seaweed remained nice and crunchy.  yum yum. 

So I've gone to this place probably 5 times now, it's a good, fast, easy lunch place to go, (or dinner, i think Richlane Mall closes at 12PM), it's a lil more expensive than what i am used to (though being from vancouver, where the fish jump into your mouth, its a whole diff animal i guess), but it's fresh, speedy, and good. 


  1. Omgosh I'm drooling, not because of Brendan Fraser, but because of all the delicious sushi pics LOL

  2. HA HA ARE YOU SURE its not brendan fraser??? hahaha!!!!! dont you love how they have photo albums of their food! thats awesome!

  3. I'm pretty sure LOL. why is he in front of their store anyways? or is it Photoshopped?

    Food pictures are awesome, lets you know what you are getting because sometimes English descriptions can be a little hazy. That's why I love Bay Sushi I just point at a picture on their walls and say "I want that" LOL

  4. hahah i had a friend infront of the store, but didnt want to put here out infront of all the internet, so i was like... HMMM what else can i put. and luckily in my archived memory brain remembered that picture... hahaha. i ACTIVELY SOUGHT THAT PICTURE OUT. hahaha.

    i love bay sushi! but i am always so overwhelmed. which is how i feel when i come here too, cause there are some places that have pics of "top sellers" or whatever they want to "top sell" to you, and i just point to the picture, but when its everything im like... omg overload overload!!!!