Friday, April 1, 2011

Ricotta Stuffed Chicken + Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Yesterday my dreams came true and I acquired  myself a housewife/husband. And it was awesome. Came home after work, the place was cleaned and tidied up, there was a home cooked meal sizzling in the (stupid) toaster oven, ready to be consumed after a hard day's work. I can get use to a wife.

It really tasted as delicious as it looked, and it was awesome too because this was a first ever attempt.  The filling, if I remember correctly, is ricotta, fresh parmesan, bacon, garlic, salt and fresh ground pepper, chilli flakes and hot cayenne pepper. The chicken breast was cut in half and pounded out, and topped with a rose sauce with pancetta, more parmesan and bacon.  And baked, I would go for 350 @ 30-35 mins probably. While turning up the heat at the last throws of baking it to crisp up the top.  The side salad is a basic balsamic + olive oil dressing.

Had some fresh strawberries in the fridge and decided a good way to end dinner for my wonderful housewife/husband was to make some chocolate covered strawberries.  My first attempt and it was easy peasy.  Makeshift double boiler to melt some 75% dark chocolate, put in some butter, dipped, froze, eat.  

I also made some whipped cream, with vanilla extract cause we're over the top that way. All in all. A really delicious dinner :)