Thursday, April 7, 2011

Prix Fixe Lunches in Spain: part dos!

Here's another prix fixe meal i throughly enjoyed on my trip in Spain, this time we stayed close by to our resort town of Salou, and wandered around and, actually, stepped into the wrong restaurant we were looking at... they're all so close together! I got this chicken salad, and it was the most bizarre, interesting, flavourful, unique experience.  There was like, marmalade, or some sort of jam in my salad, as well as this olive paste, and the contrast of flavours confused me at first, i was like, what the hell am i suppose to do with orange jam? and i'm pretty sure i vocalized my confusion at first, but combined... it was savoury sweet and heart. it was SO GOOD. anyone heard of this combo before???

And for the main, giant chunks of succulent pork, i think it was in some sort of sour cream sauce, with roasted potatoes, totally rustic, and hearty. and guess what, i couldnt even finish it. Prix Fixe meals are the best!!!! 

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