Monday, April 18, 2011

Wimpy's Diner @ Sheppard and Willowdale

Wimpy's Diner
North York, ON

199 Sheppard Ave. E. M2N 3A8 
Tel. 1-416-222-7737 

So before Jughead came along, there was Wimpy from Popeyes, the original hamburger eating king (though i would totally go to a burger joint called Jughead... or even Pop Tate's! and have a nice chocolate malt)

I always pass by this place on the way home from work, and always wondered what it offered.  According to wiki, Wimpy's is a UK hamburger restaurant chain founded in 1954.  I guess to me, this is kinda like a Denny's since it has an all day breakfast, but also offers homestyle meals like, meatloaf, mass potatoes and peas, or like a turkey diner, its like any other kinda burger, sandwich, wrap, dinner, all day breakfast joint, but with the kitschiness appeal of a 50's, 60's diner (complete with jukebox, mine started off with Paul Anka's Diana)

The milkshake is in the middle. i wish the milkshake was bottomless :(

 This is the 5 star breakfast, 3 eggs, homefries, ham, bacon (to replace sausage), and a side of toast (not seen)

this. . . this magic carpet ride is Wimpy's famous burger, a 10 oz burger, with cheese, with a side of onion rings and endless pop for like, $12? bucks. 

so in order to even attempt to eat this monster, i had to cut the patty in half and form my own double patty, just shy of being a three quarter pounder.... and all i see when i look at this picture, is with his pickle tongue sticking out... cooing "feeeeedddd meeee seeeyyymooouuurr"... i dont know why. but this burger wants to eat people. you can thank me, cause i ate this people eating burger. you're welcome.