Thursday, April 28, 2011

Test Kitchen: Dong Po Pork Belly...

FREAKING SUCCESS!!!!! 7 hours later....

[ed note: i started this at like 7PM~]

making some sort of Dong Po Pork Belly, i had no idea what that even meant, im like what? long duck dong pork belly? But thanks to my father (not actual father hahaha) Jowett Yu, he informed me that Dong Po is some famous poet who loves him some pork belly.

I saw this recipe off this blog i saw on, called Kitchen of Friends, and tried my best to follow the recipe, though i'm not known to ever follow anything. Their site is super awesome, im excited to try to follow more.

So here i've gathered all the ingredients for this Dong Po Pork Belly
•pork belly
•green onion (it called for a spring?)
•ginger (it called for a thumb)
•garlic (it called for 2)
•brown sugar (i actually have normal brown sugar, but decided to azn it up with the hard stuff)
•soy (dark and light)
•cooking wine (as you please!)

i hate writing instructions, cause i am so bad at following them, but you can see the full step by step details over at Kitchen of Friends. but if you want a shortcut. throw everything together with some water to a boil, throw in the pork belly (after a light blanch according to that website), and cook at low heat for 3-4 hours.

im its like 11:30 now. and my pork looks nothing like the pics over at kitchen of friends... or anything like what google images says its suppose to look like.....
12:59 AM
i.. am so tired... SIX FRIGGIN HOURS LATER... while the recipe said 3-4 hours...
i realized that i didnt turn on the heat enough.... but i nudged it over slightly more... and and... i think... i can go to sleep now. i am so tired... but i think i'm pretty much done

And the day after... to make the sauce... and to finally have a meal:


  1. Lol you're a heroine cape crusader - making pork belly at night. :) Don't worry it should be fine, it looks right for 6 hours. Remember to taste the sauce to adjust sugar and/or soy sauce.